Jariel’s Peak. An Oasis on top of a Mountain

Following the blog of Pinoy Rider Erik Gatmaitan, I found myself here, at Jariel’s Peakhttp://pinoyrider.com/jariels-peak/

Situated on top of a mountain 2,331 feet above sea level is a lone, kinda odd, relaxing stop, Jariel’s Peak. Named after the visionary Ariel Evangelista, the owner, the place is a trekker’s stop. Haven for mountain bikers, riders, joggers, mountaineers or just anybody who wants to get away from everybody. Truly a home away from home [or work]. There is no telecom signal here.

The food here is superb and unique in a good way.

There is the all-time-fav, Sizzling Mountain Snails. These are not your ordinary backyard snails. These are huge, knuckle-size snails.

There is also the Mountain pig delicacy. Lean chunks of pork, not like in the supermarket.
The taste is smoky and gamy.Nice.

There are others exotic delicacies to try and discover.

Did I mention the coffee. I love it!

Jariel also has rooms for rent if you want to stay overnight. There is the modern room and the cottage down the hill.

Hey! Check this out. Jariel has unusual residents here.

Tisay,the eagle. Queen of the Infanta.Quezon skies.

Mimay, the ever curious monkey and the friendly doggies.

It is windy here, and cold.

Ariel has a hammock, some earthly furniture and everything else that makes you want to relax.

Some other establishments are already popping up all around and the main highway might be open to public transport soon so visit Jariel’s Peak NOW!

This is PINOY ADVENTURE RIDER. Thanks for reading.

“If you CAN, Do it! Because there will come a time that you can’t anymore even if you want to.”

– Pinoy Adventure Rider

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