Baguio City, the city of Pines

205 kilometers from Manila is the famous and cool, high altitude Baguio City, the city of Pines.

Believe it or not, this is just my 3rd time to visit Baguio. My last visit was 10 years ago.

I am so excited.

Before leaving Pangasinan, Raffy on Skydrive encountered a flat. We pulled a large wire from the rear tire.

We quickly changed the rubber interior and moved on.

From  San Fabian, Pangasinan, we entered Marcos Highway. This is my first time going to Baguio this way. The common way is via Kennon road from Manila.

The ride via Marcos highway is a looong, slow , clutch burning ride. It is all uphill.

Rider Ronald on X1 immediately got some clutch problems.  Good thing he knows how to adjust the clutch of the bike.

We immediately got to high altitude. The fog, the fresh, cool air. Wow! What a feeling. What a view!

Ah, finally, the famous Burnham Park.

We parked our bikes. Lot’s of people. Lot’s of vendors. We got some grilled corn with butter. So, delicious. There is a coffee vendor too. 3 please….

It is cold. Very cold. Freezer cold. No hotel reservations and no time, we decided to go to the nearby SM to buy some tents. Nice SM here. SM with no air-conditioning. That is another first for me.

Our budget is only 1,000 pesos per tent. That is only the kiddie tent. We left SM with no tent on hand.

It is dark already and we are so tired. We ended up sleeping on newspapers  at Burnham Park. After laughing away our situation, we fell asleep.

I can’t sleep all the way. I have to check on the bikes from time to time. We are getting wet from the cool moist air.

At last, the morning came. We visited a few landmarks before heading back to Manila.

Looking back, that newspaper stunt is hard but unforgettable. Thanks for reading.


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