A Road Trip to Km. 646 Matnog, Sorsogon

After reaching the “Northern-most END OF THE ROAD” Aparri 520 kms. away, we decided to do the “SOUTHERN-most END OF THE ROAD“. And that is the town of  MATNOG, SORSOGON.aparri_arc

We should have done this last year but it was raining hard, so we decided to cancel. But this year, all indications are good and it is time to do it.

Getting people to join this trip is not easy. There is an issue with financing the trip and for most people, 646 kms. one way is very, very far.


The core Pinoy Adventure Riders Team, Ronald Chua, Raffy Concepcion and myself will take the challenge. Last minute additions are Bert on Mio Soul and Lito on Wave 125. Bert and Lito are really going to Sorsogon and Albay to visit their respective hometowns. For the Pinoy Adventure Riders, we just want to see the Southern-most END OF THE ROAD.


It’s Thursday, 1AM , we all met at Ministop. We rolled at 2AM. It’s Holy Thursday, the roads are wide open. We had some traffic at the towns of QUEZON due to road works.


We reached Atimonan,Lopez,Gumaca.QUEZON.




Following the GARMIN GPS, everything goes smoothly. We were not getting lost.
Our first stop is TABACO, ALBAY. The hometown of Lito.



It’s already 4PM and we rode for 534 kms. already. This will be our first stop. Tomorrow, we will ride 158 kms. more to reach Matnog, Sorsogon.


Our dinner is an eel-like fish called PALOS. It was sautted in ginger, garlic,salt and pepper and with coconut milk. Delicious and fresh too!


The next day, GOOD FRIDAY, we got up at around 4 AM. Being an adventurer, it is all about moving and riding from place to place, meeting people and food, so we kinda want to hit the road early. Plus, the cool mountain breeze is amazing.


We had a full, unobstructed glimpse of the world-famous perfect-cone Mount MAYON of TABACO, ALBAY. Ever since I started schooling,we were told about the beauty and wonder of Mount Mayon and I wondered if I will ever see it in reality. Well, here it is and it is really awesome! Mount MAYON, GOD’s perfect artwork.DSC_5624

I must say, riding in Bicol and Sorsogon is great. The roads are ashpaulted/cemented. You just have to watch out for the occasional unleveled roads and train tracks which, sad to say, have no barriers.DSC_5457

We passed by the town of Castilla, Sorsogon for some fresh coconuts. We just got them from the tree.


We also passed by towns people doing the STATION OF THE CROSS. We joined in the prayer. Afterwards, we rode on.

It’s 10AM, after refuelling at SHELL, we decided to rest for a while at the station.


Not long, a lot of riders joined us.


One of them is a resident and long-time Bgy. captain in Sorsogon. Presented with this opportunity, I decided to ask the Bgy. Captain if the rumors are true that some people in Sorsogon would poison tourists for no reason at all.

I was waiting for him to say BLAH! BLAH! That is just an urban myth… BUT NO! He confirmed it and said these things are happening in the suburbs were people, through tradition inflicted with paranoia, is still doing this. He warned us not to eat just anywhere. Just stick to fastfoods or stores like that.


Not long, before 12PM, we reached the elusive ARC saying “YOU ARE NOW LEAVING THE ISLAND OF LUZON”.



Wow! This is what we came for. I quickly pulled out my DSLR and started shooting. We got to have photo evidence or all is lost. Just kidding!


We roamed around Matnog. Just like any small town, everything is concetrated in a small area. The City Hall is beside the church,market,police,fire station, jail,and everything else. Like playing SimCITY.

After eating PANCIT at their BEST resto, we waved goodbye at MATNOG and hoping we will come back again next year when we decide to ride to the next island SAMAR. The jump-off point ROROs, roll-on/roll-off ships are located here at Matnog.


We road to a nearby town IROSIN where the BULUSAN VOLCANO is located. Time for some hot spring. We found a resort and rented a place to stay for the night.



The next day, we rode back at 5AM trying to get home 570 kms. away. We arrived home at 9PM.



I am happy and sad. Happy that this trip is successful and sad because It’s over. Well, I am planning for a new one, SAMAR or BATANES, we’ll see.


This is Pinoy Adventure Rider.

Thanks for reading.

Photo Album at http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151835558447589.1073741833.667707588&type=1

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